HaikiHaiki is more than just a singer songwriter in today’s industry which is now inundated with so many similar sounding artists. Haiki has her own style, sound and delivery. She has been working away under the radar writing and crafting her guitar playing which accompanies her intimate, clever lyrics and beautiful melodies. She was born in Ethiopia and is set to put that region of the world on the map of the music spectrum. She has nearly completed her debut album of a collection of these tracks and throughout the recording sessions, she has continued to perform live in venues around London and the South as well as Nottingham where she has a base. She has achieved quite a lot in that short period, winning the BBCs emerging talent competition and performing at Glastonbury to being interviewed and played on Independent Radio as well as BBC Radio. Appearing on London Live TVs launch programme and supporting Multi-Platinum South African Band – “Freshly Ground” at her Jazz Cafe debut this year. All this culminating in being invited to perform at the Cambridge Rock Festival this summer. She has also just collaborated on a track with Lee Thompson, member and sax player of the UKs most loved bands of at least the last three decades, “Madness”. Her future is now focused on bringing a fresh original and unique sound and has so far being well received, so it’s just a short while before we have a household name reference to her.

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